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Welcome to the Purely Acrylics Academy of Art


PAAA offers more than just acrylics. Here you can purchase individual classes of all mediums. Select the project or mini-course you would like to subscribe to, get a downloadable pdf & access to the video lesson(s) for 12 months from purchase date.



Christy Hartman Studio




Whimsical Patterned Glass Painting 101

             by Christy Hartman

This mini e-course includes 7 PDFs which include your necessary supplies, techniques, tips, complete patterns and line art. Three hours of video which include all of the techniques and step by step instruction to complete three projects with ideas for a variety of different bottle applications. A section on understanding the Elements of Design which will help you build the confidence to use these techniques to develop your own bottle designs.

Join the Glass Painting Revolution with Christy Hartman, a 35 year public school teaching veteran, in Whimsical Patterned Bottle Painting 101. 

Do you doodle when you are sitting on the phone, watching TV, or in meetings? Are you someone who actually listens better when you are mindlessly doodling on  any type of surface? If you love to doodle then this course is for you, how about doodling on a unique surface. Let me help you create these irresistible, up-cycled,  one of a kind, completely functional, doodled bottles. These are not just for show but can hold anything from specialty oils, vinegar, home-made liquors, and the sky  is the limit. 

This class will help you become the talk of the gift giving season or the star of your show by learning to transform a bottle from dull and mundane to spectacular. In this class we will develop three unique original designs building your glass doodling skill set from one design to the next. 

Through my experience with the media I have developed tips, tricks, and techniques to make your glass painting experience successful. Because these bottles are  hand-painted and not mass-produced you can put your own creative spin on a “fun”ctional, usable, gorgeous piece of art: dishwasher safe and will last for years to come. 

Design bottles for yourself, friends, family, or sell them at shows for fun and profit. Designs included are Random Checkerboard Whimsical Patterned Bottle, Holly Whimsical Patterned Bottle, and Opaque Dots Whimsical Patterned Bottle.

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Other Artists' Individual Classes


The following classes are $12.99. When notification of purchase is recieve you will get an email with instructions on accessing your video lesson and a pdf file for downloading.





        Lace by Arlene Linton      

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  Welcome Spring by Beth Wagner


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